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About Us

We are a company with very broad but related interests.

Essentially we are a company that accepts computer related waste and recycles it - either by breaking the hardware into its raw materials or reselling the useful parts.

We also deal in used medical equipment by invitation.

Our Products

The outputs of our various de-manufacturing processes include Silica Glass, Steel, Plastic, Copper and other 'commodity' type materials.

In addition, we refurbish and repair where possible and so we market a range of computer related items from a single circuit board to a pallet of reconditioned monitors.

Our Services
Recycling is a serious business - often extremely confidential information is stored on disk drives.  With regard to the disposal itself - there are many companies who will strip out the value but do not attend to the more difficult materials. 
It is imperative that your equipment is recycled responsibly.
Arrange Collection
If you wish to arrange a collection of your used computer equipment, just call (602) 317 3981.  Remember - Depending on volumes and your location there may be a small charge to cover labor and diesel!
Contact us by fax, email or phone.Contact us.

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