Opening Hours

We are open Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Public drop off requires no appointment and we accept items until 3.30PM. After hours we can be contacted on 602 317 3981.


Whilst open we are essentially a massive sorting operation. Batteries go with other batteries sorted by type. Metals with other metals again sorted by type. Eventually we reduce everything down to it's component parts which are then shipped to one of our audited downstream vendors for further processing. 

The R2 and RIOS standards which we adhere to are extremely exacting and we are regularly audited for compliance. This means we have to account for everything that comes in and everything that goes out all the way to final disposition. Nothing goes to the landfill.


We will open on weekends and public holidays by appointment. This is generally charged by the hour and is generally required by those corporate customers who are not able to relocate during normal business hours. Please call our office on (602) 314 5074 for further details.