Pickup Details

As you may imagine, sending a truck and driver half way across the city and back to pick up a few printers is simply not economically feasible. So, when you call or schedule online your address details go into our system. Once there are enough customers in the same area our scheduling department will contact you with a day and time so that we can do all these pickups in the same time frame.

For pickups less than 100 Lbs (not including televisions) we do ask that you contribute $10 to defray costs; naturally should you wish to drop the items off yourself this is free.


Certain items contain what we call 'Focus Materials'. These are things that are particularly toxic and have to be processed at a specialist facility. This includes televisions, CRT's, toner cartridges and certain batteries to name a few. We will take these items but unfortunately there is a charge. Please call our office on 602-314-6061 with any questions or to schedule a pickup.