Refurbished Computer

Wherever possible if an item still has a value we will attempt to firstly find a way to reuse it. Depending on the potential value of a repaired item (what we refer to as the 'Tech Cut') our technicians will refurbish the item to an as-new condition. Only those items which have no reuse or refurbish potential are recycled.

We resell fully refurbished computers in any quantity from a single unit to hundreds of units. The models range from faster Core2Duo to i3, i5 and i7 processors. Hard drive and memory capacity can be tailored to your requirements. Naturally everything we sell is covered with a 100% guarantee and we offer a no-hassle returs policy.

Please call our offices on (602) 314 5074 should you have any questions. We love drop-in customers anytime during office hours. Our highly trained technicians will also repair damaged equipment and we can retrieve data from crashed hard drives.