Revenue Share Models

The percentage of revenue returned to our ITAD customers ranges from 20% to 80%. There are 3 variables that impact this range: what the items are, the quantity and their location. So, lower value equipment in small volumes and far away would be at the lower end of that range.

A 4th factor is timing - usually we are able to remarket equipment in bulk very quickly which returns revenue quickly to you, the customer. However, revenues are often substantially higher if items are sold individually but this of course takes far longer. Typically our customers opt for a mixture of the 2 options - half sold in bulk and half over time. Naturally we would be happy to recommend a solution that best fits your goals. 

A final option is an outright purchase where we evaluate the equipment and make an offer on everything. The benefit of this approach is that it eliminates any uncertainty as to your financial return.

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